101 things I learned in music school… in no particular order #4

#4  A good musician will take you somewhere

I think back to sitting in the recital hall every Tuesday. All music majors are required to attend and watch their colleagues perform. 

When you see the performer onstage you can feel everything they’re feeling – tension, anxiety, excitement.. 

Only a few times did I experience a true performance. The one where the performer just walks on stage and tells you a story. I don’t literally mean they’re talking to the audience – rather they’re omitting pure expression through their playing… as if it was as easy as talking. I get chills just thinking about a few of those performances. 

And if that performer is really good, you’ll be pulled in – somewhere in your mind. Maybe a memory deep in your conscious, or a feeling that takes over your being. And for however many minutes, you forget about what catastrophe happened that morning and get to fully. live. the present moment. 

Now that. is. a performance.Image


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